Longtime art teacher debuts her artwork at Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup & Arts Festival

Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 12:35 PM CDT
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CUSTER STATE PARK, SD - For the past 55 years, crews at Custer State Park in South Dakota have been holding their annual buffalo roundup.

But there is much more to the event than just famous “running of the buffalo.”

Down the road from the corrals, you’ll find hundreds of artists, showing off their work in the annual arts festival.

This year, those vendors included Dickinson artist Cherie Roshau.

This is new territory for Roshau.

“This is my first time,” she admitted.

Roshau is one of more than 130 vendors at this year’s art festival at Custer State Park.

“I wanted to get my artwork out there,” explained Roshau.

The park is a perfect backdrop for her western themed paintings.

“I love the bison. I absolutely love the bison. I love to listen to sounds they make, love texture and the danger they present,” she said.

(Cherie Roshau)

Roshau and her husband have filled their tent with her paintings and his woodworking.

“I started small and it got out of hand,” she laughed, as she glances around her overflowing tent.

After more than 40 years as an art teacher, Roshau is ready to make her own art her full-time job. “I worked harder this summer than I did during the school year!”

And now, this former teacher has become the student.

“I hope to learn from the other vendors. I want to ask questions,” Roshau explained.

She’s also capturing the buffalo roundup, hoping what she sees through her camera lens, might be the inspiration she needs for her next work of art.

You can see Cherie’s art on her website,

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