Bismarck womans' fast food trip goes viral

Published: Sep. 26, 2020 at 7:11 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Jodi Butz would’ve never guessed a week ago she and her car would be in the national spotlight. A picture of her in a fast food drive-thru has been shared on dozens of social media sites and racked up tens of thousands of likes and shares.

Every weekend like clock-work she visits her favorite fast food restaurant.

“I come here for lunch Saturday and Sunday,” said Jodi Butz.

Drive-thru staff know her by name.

“Hey Jodi!” said a drive-thru cashier.

“Hello, thank you Ethan,” said Butz.

Her dream was to own a piece of the restaurant chain, so she started a collection.

“I have collectors items all over the place. Cookies jars, Little Tikes McDonalds everything,” said Butz.

After adding an employee uniform to the list Jodi also personalized her license plate after a fast food character from the 80′s.

Across town Amanda Dvorak who’s been working from home since March wanted a break.

“I need to get out of the house [and] see something different things besides the walls in my house,” said Dvorak.

So she took a trip to her favorite fast food restaurant.

“I pulled up in the drive-thru and in front of me was this car and I looked at the license plate and it said ‘Hamburglar’,” said Dvorak.

Amanda said she posted the picture to social media and the next day, the messages starting coming in.

“A friend messaged my husband like: ‘Hey, isn’t this Amanda’s picture on Tosh.0?’ and he’s like: ‘yeah.’ We we’re like: ‘Oh my gosh this is hilarious’,” said Dvorak.

Jodi and Amanda are both happy the license plate created a friendship and hundreds of thousands are smiling around the country.

Jodi and Amanda still haven’t met in person yet but Amanda’s husband joked they all should take a road trip to different McDonalds from North Dakota through Minnesota.

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