Flu shot drive-up clinic in Montana could be used for COVID-19 vaccines in the future

A drive-through for preventing the flu.
A drive-through for preventing the flu.(KFYR)
Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 6:22 PM CDT
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SIDNEY, Mont. - Mass flu shot clinics take place in Sidney, Mon., every year around this time.

But Thursday’s event was a little different.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Richland County Health Department made this season’s flu shot available drive-through style.

A drive-through for preventing the flu.

Two sisters showed up together.

They say they want to protect themselves and their community.

“One virus is enough. If I can prevent myself from getting more than one, I’m going to do it,” said Rita Rauschendorfer.

“Like sister Rita said, it is about taking care of ourselves, and also about trying to help take care of the community,” said Regina Murray.

And many others felt the same way.

Just two hours into the event, more than 150 cars had driven through.

“We really didn’t know if people would be more likely or less likely to get the flu shot. Today we are seeing that people are more likely. We’ve had much higher numbers so far,” said PIO for the Richland County Health Department, Stephanie Ler.

Ler said they usually give about 300 flu shots at the event, but are prepared to administer more if needed.

The Richland County Health Department says the drive-through clinic is a pilot, which could help workers be better equipped to implement the drive-through process with a COVID-19 vaccine if it’s approved.

“This is a sort of test of that process. So if we do get a COVID-19 vaccine, we would likely give it out at a drive-through style clinic as well,” said Ler.

She added flu shots are especially important this year, so the flu and COVID-19 don’t circulate at the same time.

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