Unconventional Cookies: Bismarck artist starts sweet business

Unconventional Cookies
Unconventional Cookies(KFYR-TV)
Published: Sep. 20, 2020 at 6:24 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. – Sometimes, life’s biggest flops end up being a life-changing moment.

Just ask Witney Nielsen.

A failed batch of cookies inspired a her to make a sweet career change.

Nielsen is an artist, turned cake decorator, turned graphic designer, turned cookie master.

“Cookies and I, we were meant to be,” laughs Nielsen.

It all started last December.

“I’ve been making cookies for less than a year,” says Nielsen.

Nielsen attempted to make cookies for a fundraiser.

“The first time I made them they all melted together into one blob cookie,” she recalls.

After a few FaceTime lessons with a friend in Florida, Nielsen got the hang of baking cookies.

“It is my friend Tim’s recipe. It is a super basic, bare bones and very gluten-filled recipe,” she says.

She posted some photos on social media.

“It snowballed from there.”

She’s now got a dedicated “cookie room” in her home, where she spends hours adding tiny details to cookies.

“I get tedious with my decoration. If I had to pay myself hourly, I would lose money,” admits Nielsen. “I just enjoy it so much. It is like a hobby and a stress reliever and a job all put together.”

Some of her favorite cookies: ‘build-a-burger’ cookies, French fries, complete with ketchup packets, and a Swiss army knife that actually moved.

“That was my favorite cookie ever.”

But truth be told, Nielsen never met a sugar cookie she didn’t like.

“I love sugar cookies. They’re my favorite food,” says Nielsen.

Her “unconventional cookies” are quickly becoming her customers favorites too.

“They are so gracious and excited and that makes me excited to make them.”

No two cookies are ever the same, which Nielsen says makes them even more unconventional.

Nielsen has even made some of her own cookie cutters.

You can get Unconventional Cookies through monthly subscription boxes and holiday boxes. Learn more on her website, You can also follow Unconventional Cookies on Facebook and Instagram.

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