Fogarty twins for the win: BHS crowns brother, sister as homecoming king, queen

Published: Sep. 11, 2020 at 1:24 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Crowning a homecoming king and queen is a longstanding tradition at high schools everywhere. But at Bismarck High School, this year’s homecoming royalty is doubly special.

It’s a moment Riley Fogarty will never forget.

“I’m surprised I’m king. I’m so surprised,” said Riley, a senior at Bismarck High School.

His twin sister, Ellie, knew it was coming.

“I knew the senior class was making him king,” said Ellie.

But what she didn’t know, was what would happen next, when the homecoming queen was crowned.

“Your 2020 Bismarck Demons homecoming queen, Ellie Fogarty!” exclaimed the announcer at the coronation on Friday evening.

“I was still reeling from him being king. I was just thinking about him and then all of a sudden crown on my head and I thought, ‘Oh, did I just win?’” Ellie recalled.

Ellie and Riley are the first set of twins to ever be homecoming royalty at Bismarck High.

At Bismarck High School, this year’s homecoming royalty is doubly special.
At Bismarck High School, this year’s homecoming royalty is doubly special.(Carolyn Fogarty)

“It was totally unexpected,” admitted Ellie.

While Ellie says that’s pretty special, she says what’s even better is seeing her brother so happy.

“It was incredible. It makes my heart so happy,” she said.

Riley has autism. But to the seniors at Bismarck High, he’s just Riley. And now, he’s their homecoming king.

“Knowing that everyone loves him as much as I love him made me feel good. The fact that everyone saw that the extent that I usually see it, just made me feel good,” said Ellie.

She says it says a lot about her classmates.

“They’re just really great people and homecoming proved that.”

Ellie says it’s also a testament to her brother and the impression he’s made on his peers.

“Even though he’s different, everyone realizes how big of an impact he makes on our school. And just how great of a person he is, inside and out,” said Ellie. “He’s taught them more about acceptance and how awesome someone can be, even though they’re faced with difficulties.”

Difficulties and differences that on this night were forgotten, as the Demons celebrated the Fogarty twins.

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