Sports Spotlight Jonah Harter & Payton Cauthon

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 8:16 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - The Kidder County Wolves have picked up right where they left off last season. After winning the 9-Man State Championship, the Wolves are 2-0 to start the season. A majority of the players on that championship team are back this season.

“Experience you don’t have to start over, I mean you got guys that know what they are doing and it helps with the younger guys. To the younger guys, get up to speed faster when they are not only hearing it from their coaches they are hearing it from their seniors,” said Kidder County Head Coach Dave Silbernagel.

The Wolves are led by senior captains Jonah Harter and Payton Cauthon. Both players earned All-Conference honors last season.

Harter is the athletic quarterback.

“He diagnoses defenses at quarterback as well as anyone we’ve had, he’s got above average athleticism, a very good arm, and kicks the ball very well. He’s pretty much Multi-dimensional,” said Silbernagel.

He is really good at reading the defense and knowing what play to make his audibles are great you know switching plays making it right so that we can have a good nice solid play for us," said Kidder County Senior Payton Cauthon.

Cauthon is the explosive running back

“He brings a lot of speed and he can carry the ball really good. He’s definitely improved on his blocking and he’s probably the most deadly player on special teams at all times,” said Harter.

“People might say he’s short. He can’t do it or anything. But, the kid can jump. He can run. Everything like that, so there’s really nothing he can’t do,” said Harter.

Cauthon and Harter have been playing together since the seventh grade. In this COVID-19 climate, the dynamic duo cherish every day together.

“During the playoffs, we use to say our motto one more week and with this COVD stuff that’s basically what we are trying to do so one more week is what we are going to live by during this season. Hopefully we can make it through the whole thing but we are just playing like its a backyard football game,”said Harter.

“I’m going to miss playing with these guys, you know, especially Jonah and like I said we have been together since 7th grade and its going to be hard not to play sports with them,” said Cauthon.

The Wolves travel to Napoleon to face the Imperials this Friday.

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