Minot Public School board discusses teacher sick bank, other issues

Published: Aug. 13, 2020 at 9:39 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. (KFYR) - The Minot Public School Board may have settled on a reintegration plan for the school year, but they met again Thursday to continue talks on the upcoming semester.

The Minot Public School Board considered a range of issues including sanitizing supplies, what could happen in case of exposure, and what the first day of school would look like for secondary students.

“We are recommending doing a soft opening which would be half the students the first day and half the students the second day,” said Assistant Superintendent Kim Slotsve.

MPS administrators also responded to some of the  four concerns voiced by the Minot Safe School Reopen organization, which included ventilation in schools and teacher leave.

“Those points have weighed heavily on us from the beginning and our goal is to keep people safe as can be,” said Superintendent Dr. Mark Vollmer.

One organizer of the group said while not all their issues were solved during the meeting, he is pleased that the board approved a sick leave bank for teachers. 

“I think many of the members and many of the people involved would be excited to see the sick bank had gone through that was something that had been brought up as an idea,” said Minot Safe School Reopen Organizer Chris Brown.

The bank allows teachers to donate one day of their 27 days leave to a pot, in exchange they would get 20 additional days.

“The 27 numbers I gave are 10 days of emergency paid sick leave, 10 days of sick leave, five days of emergency leave and two days of personal leave,” said Katy Dahl, Human Resources Director for Minot Public Schools.

The board also approved revised versions of a series of policies pertaining to nondiscrimination and harassment, and grievance procedures for discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment.

If an employee is forced to quarantine due to exposure, and the employee receives permission to telework from their boss, they would not be required to use any time in the sick bank.

The first day for students in the Minot Public School district is August 27.

You can find the full plan here:

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