Unique Links: Westridge Golf Course in Underwood

Published: Aug. 10, 2020 at 5:47 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Located in the town of Underwood is the Westridge Golf Course.

“This course was built in 1988 on reclaimed coal mine land. We traded surface rights with the Falkirk Mining Company as they mined our old golf course and we built a new course on the corner of land that they gave us,” said Graydon Ash, president of the Westridge Golf Course Association.

The Westridge Golf Course is an 18 hole golf course, which originally was built with 18 tee boxes and only nine greens leading to an interesting way to get 18 holes on their course by placing two flags on every green.

“The architect came back in 1989 and we had the 18 tee boxes, and I talked to him about putting two flags on every green and he liked the idea. So, we went a head and did it,” said Ash.

And, with two flags on the green it lead us to ask, has some one ever gotten the magical hole in one on the wrong hole?

“Yes and you get a free drop to hit two. I have done it myself and it has happened to other people out here as well. The guy I was playing with thought it should still be a hole in one but I knew the rules better than that,” said Ash.

With two holes on one green that gives the Westridge Golf Course two signatures holes.

“Number 2 is our signature hole here it is a par three off the number two tee it plays 178 yards and it’s a 150 yard carry over the water. Than when you play number 11 on the back nine it is 175 yard carry over the water so they are tough par thees,” said Ash.

But the par threes aren’t the only holes that have some length to them on the course.

“This course, like I’ve said, has some real length to it. Number one is 426 yards and number five is 358 yards so it has got some length,” said Ash.

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