#LetsHelpBob: Minot community gets new wheels for one of its own

Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 4:58 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – The best of what the Minot community has to offer was on display Tuesday.

#LetsHelpBob started when a member of the community shared a saddening story about a local man who was down on his luck and needed some help.

Bob Miller was in shock when he received a big surprise Tuesday.

“Oh my goodness. Seriously? That’s the total amount we agreed on, that’s all of it. Oh I’m moved to tears, quite literally really seriously,” said Miller.

Miller, a Walmart employee and former city alderman, was in a car crash recently and needed a new set of wheels. That’s when Ideal Auto jumped in to help.

“He was in an unfortunate car accident with an uninsured motor vehicle so he ended up not having any transportation. So we decided that we would like to try to help him as best we could,” said Wade Harvey, with Ideal Auto.

Ideal Auto found the perfect car for Miller and heavily discounted it. Then the community took over, raising enough money to cover the remaining cost.

Miller thought he was going to be going over to the shop to pay for the new car, only to learn it was taken care of.

“I’m just more than stunned. I have been literally moved to tears by this outpour from the community,” said Miller.

Harvey said he is grateful for the opportunity to help someone from his community.

“Bob is a staple of the community, if we could help out somebody in need as deep as he was, we would love to always help out,” said Harvey.

Miller said he loves his new car and often finds himself singing the tune “On the Road Again.”

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