Sugar Spinning Sisters provide a sweet treat

Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 6:21 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Two Bismarck sisters have made a sweet business that revolves around sugar.

The Sugar Spinning Sisters have been making and selling cotton candy for the past year, and business is booming.

Wherever this stand pops up, customers form a line, anxious to get their hands on a bag of cotton candy made by the Sugar Spinning Sisters.

“Brittyn’s like, ‘look at that line!’” exclaimed 10-year-old Laila Nehls.

On this night, the sisters had 55 bags of cotton candy. They sold out in less than 11 minutes.

“It sold out fast,” said Laila.

The work begins long before the sisters set up their stand. It takes about four hours to make a hundred bags of cotton candy.

“It’s worth is to see people happy,” said 8-year-old Brittyn Nehls.

People like the Basnett boys.

“It tastes like something else,” said 5-year-old Henry Basnett.

They’re trying “unicorn poop”

“It’s sugar that forms on outside of machine. So it’s straight sugar. I love sugar,” explained Brittyn.

You’ll still find these Sugar Spinning Sisters sneaking a little cotton candy once in a while, too. They’re also learning some sweet lessons.

“I count change, and so it helps with math skills,” said Laila.

“We learned to not spend our money and to use our time to make something that makes people really happy,” added Brittyn

Proving once again, the medicine for making the world a most delightful place, does begin with "A spoon full of sugar."

The Sugar Spinning Sisters sell their cotton candy most Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Lincoln Farmers Market. They also take their stand on the road to different neighborhoods a few times a week. They do special orders too. Follow them on Facebook to see where they’ll be next.

And, the Sugar Spinning Sisters plan to be in business for many years – they’ve got a six month old sister who’s already getting a taste of the business.

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