Sports Spotlight: Josh Lardy

Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 8:50 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Summertime baseball has meant one thing for the Bismarck Capitals: for the past four years Josh Lardy in the lineup.

“He is the longest tenured Capital on the team. He has been on the team since our second year in existence and that was in 2016 and he is still here. I can imagine there is a couple of coaches in the league that are tired of seeing him but he is here and having fun playing baseball,” said Bismarck Capitals Head Coach Aric Lee.

Lardy hasn’t only just been in the Capitals line up for the past four years, he was a four year starter for the Shiloh Christian Skyhawks football team.

“I loved every bit of it and it really pushed me. I know Coach Barker, he taught me a lot of stuff, and that group of guys really made me into who I am today. Talk about a lot of hard work through to go out and play every day but I miss it and I miss the game days, those were a lot of fun during the season,” said Lardy, third baseman and pitcher.

Lardy also suited up for the Skyhawks basketball team, but missing the baseball season was a tough pill to swallow.

“I was just so devastated because I was looking forward to the senior spring Baseball season. So, to get out here meant so much to me and it is just a blessing from god every single day,” said Lardy.

And it was a certain thing that brought this multi-sport athlete his love of the game.

“The tee ball snacks, the tee ball snacks definitely got me into the game. But, I have been playing since I lived in Nebraska first it was tee ball than baseball every year,” said Lardy.

While snacks may have got him into the game, it’s the friendships made from the game that kept him going.

“My first year on the team we both sat the bench all year. I think I got 10 at bats that year and he was something around that as well. We both pitched a little bit and that is really when our friendship really started because we have been teammates ever since. We have been able to grow as ball players and we play catch together every day just pushing each other and keep doing all the work together. I’ve seen him grow as a ball player and he is always putting in work day in and day out,” said Shea Huntington, Bismarck Caps catcher and shortstop.

Lardy and the Caps will continue with the West Regional tournament in Jamestown this weekend.

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