Bismarck Public School parents have mixed feeling about reentry draft

Published: Jul. 28, 2020 at 9:04 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Bismarck Public Schools' draft reentry plan includes a color-coded system, showing the district's risk level to determine the amount of time in the physical classroom, which students can opt-out of.

Some parents felt the draft didn't get specific enough and others felt it had too much information, but one thing did agree on, they need some clarification on the plan, and soon.

This reentry draft went out to all parents and staff Monday as an update on Bismarck public school reentry, but it also asked for feedback on the plan and some parents are saying the July 29 deadline for feedback is too quick of a turnaround for it to be considered in a final decision.

“The fact that they’re giving themselves just a little over a day to read through all of the comments that they receive from parents and incorporate any changes they feel like are needed into that plan that quickly just seems really rushed,” said BPS parent Karen Dunlap.

Despite the turnaround for feedback, some parents feel they are well informed now that they have this draft in hand.

“The guidelines were laid out, what to expect and I’m sure that the schools and the governor’s office and all of them, they’re all still working on trying to put the best practices in place but, yeah I’m confident in it,” said BPS parent Pam Schaubert.

Others say there are stills some holes that need to be filled.

"They have references to things being researched still, and I felt like it would be really problematic for them to start school this year with those things still being researched particularly if trends continue as they are with increase numbers of cases," said Dunlap.

BPS is accepting feedback on the draft up until July 29 at noon and will take that into consideration when finalizing the plan.

The school board will review the plan and this feedback on July 30, and hope to make a final decision that day.

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