New Sanford NICU to welcome babies starting Monday

New Sanford NICU to welcome babies starting Monday
New Sanford NICU to welcome babies starting Monday(KFYR)
Published: Jul. 23, 2020 at 7:15 PM CDT
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On Monday more than a dozen babies at Sanford hospital will get a new home, in the newly constructed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

This time, moms and dads will be able to call the room home, too.

The NICU was the first of five phases to be completed at the Sanford Birth Center.

In the old intensive care unit, four infants were assigned per pod, with a large gathering room for family.

Now the new rooms will allow for parents to stay with their babies while they're in the hospital.

Randi Schaeffer, the executive director of Sanford Women’s and Children’s has waited nearly five years to welcome new bundles of joy to these hallways.

“We could accommodate 12, now we can accommodate up to 26 when all the construction is done,” said Schaeffer.

The new rooms provide privacy for parents and their babies. “It helps with that beginning bonding and attachment,” said Schaeffer.

The latest innovative technology, such as lighting for babies born dependent to drugs or alcohol are installed in every room. “We have special lightening in here in case they need to calm down, or lightening to wake them up,” said Schaeffer.

Along with Zebra phones allowing families and nurses to communicate at all times.

“It’s a new way to communicate with each other, and have that closeness and know that when something is needed you’re alarmed right away,” said Schaeffer.

On Monday these beds will be filled with the newest and smallest additions in North Dakota. Other phases include new operating rooms and gathering spaces for families, so they never have the leave the floor that their babies are on.

The next four phases will be completed by 2022.

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