Swimming pool is making a big splash in Crosby

Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 2:20 PM CDT
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CROSBY, N.D. - Crosby, N.D., just opened its new $2 million outdoor pool. It replaced a problematic 65-years-old facility. Not only are people in the town excited about the new pool, but residents from surrounding communities are as well.

It offers open-swim times seven days a week, and 10 swimming classes a day, where lifeguards help students of various ages increase their confidence in the water.

Children in town are grateful they have a brand-new pool.

Swim student Skylar Wehrman said: “It’s a lot bigger than the old one. It’s nicer. We have a pool in Crosby; pretty nice.”

The larger swimming areas will allow lifeguards to eventually expand the number and types of classes they offer. The pool also draws in people in from other communities.

Crosby Parks Department Director Brock Harward said: “We have people coming up from Williston to utilize ours, because Williston doesn’t have an outdoor pool anymore. And an outdoor pool is completely different than an indoor pool obviously, especially during summer-time. We get people from all over. We get people from Minot last week come up.”

Brock Harward says people from other communities coming to Crosby to swim benefits more than just the pool. Those people often stop by other local shops and convenience stores, potentially giving the local economy a boost.

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