Gov. Burgum responds to Trump’s education threats

Burgum Responds to Trump’s Education Threats
Burgum Responds to Trump’s Education Threats(KFYR)
Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 11:56 AM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - President Donald Trump is calling for schools to be reopened, even threatening federal funds if some schools don't.

In North Dakota, most of the education dollars come from local and state revenues. Gov. Doug Burgum said the federal government has a voice in this conversation and they deserve to have one, but they are making their own plans for the fall.

“In North Dakota it’s $8 million a day that goes into K-12. And, taxpayers deserve to get a return on that investment that we’re making and certainly our students deserve to do that. What we believe, the context, if we can keep the strong effort going by North Dakota, we’ve got as good a shot as anybody as getting back to physical education in the fall,” Burgum said.

The governor said they will be unveiling many of their plans next week, adding that many of these decisions are best left to local decision making.

This response resembles his first plan for handling education back and March, before making a statewide decision to close schools.

In the meantime, the state has already given guidance on how to use facilities over the summer.

Another widely watched element is unemployment, which the governor has updated one of the more notable executive orders on.

Burgum is rescinding many of the special processes put in place for unemployment claims. Including registration and the search for work requirement.

“This takes us back to what unemployment insurance is meant to be, for people that are unable to find work, but we know that there are jobs available in North Dakota, and we want to encourage people to get back into the workforce,” Burgum said.

The governor said that unemployment claims have dropped by 20% since May, which is indicative that people are getting back to work. Adding that these moves were only meant to be temporary.

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