Isaak speaks out at motion hearing; Judge to make a decision at later date

Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 1:45 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Wednesday morning, a man accused of murdering four RJR employees in April of 2019 was in court for a motion hearing.

The hearing was called to order by Chad Isaak’s attorney’s, who requested the suppression of specific evidence and to get the trial moved to another county.

However, the most surprising part of the two-hour long trial was Isaak unexpectedly speaking to the judge. In a turn of events, Chad Isaak pleaded with the judge to speak out. “I have tried discussing this with them, they don’t want me to say a word and that is why I’m bringing this up to you myself, sir. I’ve waited patiently for 15 months in an isolation jail cell to bring some of these issues to you sir. And with all due respect I don’t think asking for five minutes of your undivided time and attention to do that is an unreasonable request sir,” said Isaak.

Stating his attorney’s won’t let him talk. “You can’t tell him to let me talk to you?,” said Isaak.

“I can’t tell him how to represent you, no I cannot,” said Judge David Reich.

The first motion filed was a request to move the 10-day trial outside of Morton county.

“There has been extensive media coverage, and while publicity is not a reason for it, I think there has been a showing that the court has satisfied, that so great of a prejudice of the defendant exists that the defendant cannot obtain a fair and impartial trial,” said Robert Quick, Isaak’s attorney. “The state has a right to present charges in the county in which they occur and that the people of that county have a right as juror to decide that outcome,” says Gabrielle Goter, State’s Attorney

.The Judge requested both parties create a jury questionnaire. He will then make a decision based on findings. The motion to suppress evidence included video surveillance from Mandan businesses. Defense attorneys say the footage does not accurately link Isaak to the crime scene.

“Surveillance video collected from along the route from businesses, and the defenses argument seems to be that because there isn’t someone following a murder suspect and there’s not an unbroken chain of evidence that, that isn’t probable cause,” says Goter.

“The main issue is to Mr. Isaak’s vehicle at the time that was searched, and the lack of actual connection that is documented and presented to the judge at the time that connected the individual seen coming out of RJR and the individual seen getting into the white pick-up truck,” said Quick. Judge Reich says he will review the argument and issue a filing soon. His attorneys also requested a Franks hearing, which examines the validity of police statements.

Isaak’s defense lawyers claim search warrants of Isaak’s home, car, and electronics were illegally obtained.

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