How to save water and money on your lawn

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 3:12 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Prior to the Monday storms, Bismarck residents were having troubles keeping their lawns green, and asking questions about what they should do. KFYR turned to the NDSU extension in Burleigh County for some advice.

Many people are struggling to keep their lawn from dying, but the good news is yellowing or brown grass isn’t as bad as some think.

“It’s not dying it’s just taking a little bit of a break,” Kelsey Deckert, horticulture agent.

Kelsey Deckert is the agent at the NDSU extension in Burleigh County and she has some advice on how to keep your lawn healthy and maybe spend less on your water bill.

“Rather than water every day a little bit, water once or twice a week. That’s going to encourage a really deep root system,” said Deckert.

She says most lawns only require an inch of water per week. Deckert added that fertilizer and herbicides are worse for your lawn right now, both products put increased stress on the plants. The grass height can be a factor as well.

“Go ahead and set your mower height as high as you can tolerate it. At least two and a half inches, better if you can go three or three and a half inches. Mowing tall will allow the grass blades to shade the rest of the grass and conserve moisture making our lawns a little more tolerant of stress,” said Deckert.

She says the season for fertilizer and herbicide is going to be in the fall.

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