Minot leaders react to speech

Family watching volcano activity

One local travel agent says there's no reason to cancel any plans to the island.

What Memorial Day is really about

Although the fallen can no longer hear the thanks we give for their service and paying the ultimate sacrifice, we still recognize and reflect on what they did for our country.

Recap of Bradley Morales murder trial in Minot

After a four-day trial, a jury returned a guilty verdict in the Bradley Morales murder case.

Weather 5-25-18

Weather forecast 5-25-18.

Students get a voice

State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler turned to students Friday for some ideas on how to handle the issue.

Confinement with compassion

Before the Behavior Intervention Unit launched in 2016, the maximum number of inmates in segregation was more than 100. The number has since plummeted down to 40, and it's now at 14.



NBC News Headlines

U.S. delegation holds talks with North Korean officials in DMZ

Planning seemed to move ahead for the on-off-perhaps-on-again summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Storms swamp Memorial Day revelers

Subtropical storm Alberto was taking aim at the Gulf Coast, while a separate storm system caused "potentially catastrophic" flooding in Maryland.

China calls U.S. warships in South China Sea 'provocation'

The Defense Ministry said the ships "undermined strategic mutual trust" and "damaged peace, security and good order in relevant waters."

More than 228,000 pounds of Spam recalled

The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service says the canned chicken and pork in question was produced in February at the company's plant in Nebraska.

Will Weinstein lawyer's 'casting couch' comment hurt his defense?

For defense attorneys, speaking to the media is a calculated move: Countering bad publicity with the defense narrative also reveals the defense's strategy.