Ways to get rid of holiday bloat

Cardinals baseball

The Washburn Cardinals went straight from the gym to their first game of the season.

Weather 4-23-18

Weather forecast for 4-23-18.

Sweeping the sand

Now that the snow is finally melting street sweepers, are in a race against time to clear the sand off of the streets.

School bus dilema

The Mandan School District operates 23 routes on a daily basis. But ,according to Superintendent Mike Bitz, they are already contracting drivers out for four of them due to a lack of operators.

Innovative education definition

Flexible schedules, seating and project based learning are new ideas, but some say they are not considered innovative education.

Capitol elevators being replaced

The North Dakota State Capitol is getting new elevators for its 21 floors.



NBC News Headlines

Madonna loses suit to keep Tupac breakup letter from being sold

"We were confident that Madonna had no claim whatsoever, and the judge clearly agreed with us."

Injured veteran gets complete penis transplant

Patient's lower abdomen was completely reconstructed

Mystery grows over pro-Saudi tabloid being sold in U.S.

A digital copy of the magazine, produced by American Media Inc., was quietly shared with officials at the Saudi Embassy in Washington almost three weeks before its publication.

How drinking could mess up your mouth

A study could help explain alcohol's role in cancer and heart disease.

U.K. destroyed immigration documents, then sent deportation notices

Many have been in the U.K. so long that they assumed they would never need to present documentation to prove they were in the country legally.