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AM First Warn Local Weather 05/22/17

AM First Warn Local Weather 05/22/17

Behind the scenes on a Tigirlily music video shoot

Tigirlily, the sister act that's become a North Dakota singing sensation is releasing new material Monday.

Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance honors those lost

When the Twin Towers fell, people began collecting a list of names, victims of terror. In the years since, the global war on terror has raged and the list has grown.


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Israeli-Palestinian Settlement Complicates Trump's Quest for Peace Deal

The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian settlement debate could complicate President Trump's quest to negotiate "the ultimate deal": a peace accord.

Trump, Netanyahu Vow to Pursue Mideast Peace, Confront Iran

JERUSALEM — President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared together Monday and vowed to make a renewed effort at peace.

Trump Emphasizes 'Shared Hope for an Israel at Lasting Peace'

President Trump tells Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that, as "great allies," Israel and the United Stations can seize opportunities together.

O.J. Simpson Could Be Released From Prison This Year

Simpson is set to face a parole hearing this July, according to the Nevada Department of Corrections.

South African Hunter Dies After Elephant Falls on Him

A well-known South African game hunter died after an elephant that had been shot collapsed on him at a Zimbabwe animal reserve on Friday, according to authorities.