Bismarck woman crochets American flags to honor those who have served

People show love and appreciation for those who have served our country in different ways.


DAPL protesters launch campaign to target media they say are showing bias against them

Those involved in the Dakota Access Pipeline protest movement are using every form of social media to get their message across, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


IEEFA questions DAPL finances, economics

The Dakota Access Pipeline has been under scrutiny for months now, and a recent report by The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis is bringing the pipeline company's finances and economics into question.


DAPL protesters say police tactics are inhumane

Protesters moved on to Mandan today to call for Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier's resignation.


Archambault appealing to Obama to intervene in DAPL conflict on behalf of Native Americans

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault is appealing to President Barack Obama to intervene in the Dakota Access Pipeline conflict on behalf of Native Americans


DAPL protester says things aren't what they seem at the protest camps

A protester of the Dakota Access Pipeline says things aren't what they seem down at the protest camp site.


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