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New Democratic Party Hack Tied to Earlier Breach

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee confirmed the cyber attack.

Are Swedes Having Less Sex? Ministers Want to Know

Worried that Swedes aren't having enough sex, the government wants to analyze the bedroom activities of its citizens in a major new study.

'Clock Is Ticking' for Besieged Aleppo: United Nations

The United Nation's special envoy for Syria on Friday warned that time was running out for the population of the besieged and devastated city of Aleppo.

Officer Killed, 2nd Expected to Survive After Shooting

One police officer was shot dead and another seriously injured while making a traffic stop in downtown San Diego late Thursday, officials said.

30 Million Images of Child Abuse Recovered by Police

Named operation LATTISE, the investigation involved cops scouring more than 100,000 chat-room logs.