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Hot Air Balloon Carrying 16 Crashes, Likely No Survivors

A hot air balloon carrying 16 caught fire and crashed in central Texas and there doesn't appear to be any survivors.

Why Officers Often Aren't Convicted For Using Lethal Force

Experts argue the justice system is designed to insulate police from prosecution.

Deadly Texas Crash Highlights Hot Air Balloon Safety

The mishap would mark the deadliest balloon accident in the United States after at least 16 people were believed to have perished.

'Pop, Pop, Pop': Gunman at House Party Kills 3, Wounds 1

Three partygoers were killed and a fourth was injured in a shooting in Mukilteo, Wash., city and police officials said.

Belgium Arrests Man, Releases Brother in Attack Plot

He was charged by the judge Saturday with attempt of committing a terrorist murder and participation in the activities of a terrorist organization.