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Boy, 7, Found Dead After Wandering From Summer Camp

Kyzr Willis had been reported missing from Carson Beach in South Boston on Tuesday.

Here's Why Japan's Mass Killers Tend to Use Knives

Practically all types of firearms are outlawed in Japan, which has practiced strict gun control since its post-feudal era in the late 1800s.

Iran Arrests 150 People at Mixed-Gender Party: Report

The country's morality police enforce strict laws that prohibit women and men from socializing with members of the opposite sex.

Stranded Hikers Rescued From Soberanes Fire

Cal Fire said the 8 men were hungry and thirsty after being rescued from the south side of the fire near Big Sur.

Sex-Assault Victims Were Befriended on Facebook Messenger

Domingo Juan Andres is a suspect in at least two sexual assaults in Riverside, California.