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Elephant Throws Stone Toward Zoo Visitors, Killing Girl

The behavior of the female elephant was "abnormal" and needs to be understood, a veterinarian at Morocco's Zoological Garden of Rabat said.

Could Russia Hack U.S. Ballot Boxes on Election Day?

NBC's Stephanie Gosk reports for TODAY that any part of the electoral process handled online is potentially vulnerable to hackers.

So-Called 'Dragon Sucking Water' Captivates China

A waterspout caused no damage during its three-minute twist off the coast of southern China.

Officer Killed, 2nd Expected to Survive After Shooting

One police officer was shot dead and another seriously injured while making a traffic stop in downtown San Diego late Thursday, officials said.

Pope Francis Silently Mourns at Nazi Death Camp

NBC News' Claudio Lavanga reports how the pontiff's quiet reflection said so much during his visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau.