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14 Killed in 10-Hour Attack on American University in Kabul

Militants killed at least 14 people during a brazen attack on the American University of Afghanistan.

2 Men Busted Trying to Sneak Tobacco, Drugs Into Prison

Corrections officers broke up a plan to smuggle dozens of cellphones and other contraband into an Oklahoma prison.

Elderly Man Is Comforted by Dog in Wake of Italy Quake

Bedridden Antonio Putini, 97, survived the deadly earthquake in central Italy that devastated several towns and killed 250 people.

Colombia Pushes for Quick Vote on Peace Deal with FARC

Colombia has planned for a plebiscite on the peace deal on Oct. 2nd.

Ibrahim, 6, Longs For School Amid Aleppo Chaos

Ibrahim Alsaid said his dad promised when the war is over, he'll be able to play with his friends and go back to school.