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Red Tape Slows Seaweed's Farming Revolultion

High tide of interest in kelp as environmental cash crop runs up against tough state rules on coastal commercial activity.

Adventurers Ponder Future After 40,000-Mile Yacht Race

Hundreds of amateur sailors will mark the emotional end of an 11-month voyage Saturday.

Priest's Slaying: How Should Known Jihadis Be Tracked?

France is facing questions over its monitoring of Islamists after an attacker who killed a priest was identified as a teenager who twice tried to reach Syria.

Slain Soldier's Dad: GOP Must Take 'Moral Stand' on Trump

Khizr and Ghazala Khan made waves at the DNC by scolding Trump. Now they are sharing another message.

Alive! Man Rescued After Being Sucked Into Sewer

Onlookers cheered as rescuers pulled a man out alive who'd purposely jumped into the sewer and then got sucked down.