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Police Respond to Attack at American University in Kabul

The Kabul-based university was where five gunmen wearing Afghan military uniforms abducted one American and one Australian professor last month.

Afghan Migrant Shot Dead by Hunters in Serbia

A 20-year old migrant from Afghanistan was fatally shot Tuesday evening in Serbia when hunters apparently thought they had detected a heard of wild bo

Turkish Tanks Roll Into Syria on Anti-ISIS Operation

The incursion came hours after Turkish jets started pounding targets in northern Syria and shortly before Vice President Joe Biden's arrival in the country for a planned visit.

Doctors Return to Clinics After Sex Abuse

Doctors found to have sexually abused patients aren't usually punished and can return to practice after "treatment", an investigation has found.

Dream Team of Historians Proposed to Advise U.S. President

Imagine a dream team of the nation's top historians, recruited by the White House to advise the president on major decisions.