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Behind the Scenes at the Medora Musical

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From mic check to makeup, we are taking you behind the scenes at this year's Medora Musical.

A mic check during the daily rehearsal is just one element of putting on "the greatest show in the west." With the performers and musicians arriving a month prior to opening night to practice their singing and dancing routines.

"I would say for the first three weeks everyone is learning and messing up quite a bit. The last week we try to make it all come together," says Burning Hills singer Candice Lively.

The 12 Burning Hills singers say it might not appear to be very difficult to put on a two-hour show, but it is, especially when it comes to combining all the elements, like lighting, dancing, switching mics and of course singing together.

"It's one thing to have to sit in a music room and learn music, and it is another thing to have to dance, sing and change clothes," says Burning Hills singer Chet Wollan. 

"It's a difficult thing to do because you're out of breath and sometimes it doesn't sound great as you'd hope, but you know it gets better as you train yourself to do what you're supposed to do," say Lively.

"Once you're on stage you just kind of get into that routine of what you do. I really think about it being difficult it's just the normal," says Wollan.

And before the show goes on it's time for wardrobe and make up.

"We bond and laugh and joke around. We have a good time. It's kind of fun to share makeup tips and that kind of stuff," says Lively.

Then it's showtime. Once the lights and mics go on these performers say the audience helps them get through the difficult dance routines and vocal sets.

"If the crowds enjoy it, then we enjoy it. It makes for a better show," says Wollan.

"The show fits the setting I love.They are sharp, they are on, the singing is unbelievable, and they are fabulous. I would recommend the show to anyone," says Medora Musical fan Margaret Chouinard.

More and more people are enjoying the Medora Musicial. This year attendance is up 14 percent. And if you'd like to check out the musical yourself it's still running until Sept. 6 at 7:30 p.m. MT.

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