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Hebron Brick Stays True During Robotic Revolution

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One century old business has learned to adapt with advancing technology without sacrificing quality.

In the past two decades a robotic revolution has pushed countless manual laborers out of their jobs, but Hebron Brick Company has made an example of how droids and humans can work side by side.

Grinding gears and squeaky hinges drown out most other noise at Hebron Brick Company, but employees say these sounds are the heartbeats of their colleagues.

"It's been a good marriage between people and technology and the people have made their jobs a lot easier because of the fact they don't have to do all the heavy lifting," says Pete Polansky the vice president of manufacturing.

Since 1904 the company has been the foundation and identity for the town of Hebron, as well as being its biggest employer.

So, when a new factory was built in 2000 bringing in cutting edge technology, the idea of saving on labor costs wasn't an option.

Instead Hebron brick upped production to keep people working, like 30 year employee Doug Schaefer.

"It's close to home I never really wanted to go to a big city so i started here and I kind of like where I work so I've hung it out," says Schafer.

And Polansky says there are some jobs only human eyes and ears can do.

"We examine every brick that we manufacture, the people look at each brick and test each brick before they're shipped out of here," he says.

The company makes more than 1,100 skews of bricks from different sizes to different shapes and different colors. Polansky says that's what gives them an edge on large competitors.

"There are a lot of large companies that just manufacture red and brown brick, and they make them by the millions," says Polansky.

Built on more than a century of success Polansky says the secret of Hebron Brick is to fuse new technology with techniques that are tried and true.

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