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North Dakota Guard Member Gives Border Patrol Account

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Yesterday we told you about a mission the North Dakota National Guard is on to help secure our southern border.

Capt. Justin Gall is serving his second mission on the border, and he says it's been an eye opening experience.

Each night members of the North Dakota National Guard fly near the U.S./ Mexico border to help the agents on the ground locate and detain illegal aliens who are attempting to cross into the country.

"We've got direct communications with all the agents on the ground, and we give them real time updates of where we're tracking individuals, and where we see bodies staged up on the Mexico side as well as on the U.S. side," says Gall.

Gall is currently serving his second mission on the border, and he says the number of illegals coming into the country has only been increasing.

"I'm in the Rio Grande Valley, which is what you're seeing on the news, which is the hot area. We've got the most undocumented aliens coming across. To date we've already surpassed last years numbers of apprehensions and we're not even though the year," says Gall.

Many of those attempting to come into the country are families with children under 14. If they are captured they are taken into a holding area and processed. If they are from Mexico they are sent back, but many aren't.

"Very little of it is actually Mexicans that are coming across. It's Hondurans, Guatemalans and other countries that are coming in. That's the biggest influx. That's what makes it so hard. When they ask them 'Hey where are you from?' a lot of them don't say Mexico. Because if you say Mexico you're going to go back. If you're from Honduras or Guatemala, it's going to be a lengthier process," says Gall.

He says they average about 1,300 apprehensions a night just in their area.

Gall says they also keep a look out for drugs coming into the country and tell the agents on the ground when they see it being loaded or transported.

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