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Waking Up Could Get Pricey

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If you need an extra jolt to wake you up, you could be spending a little more.

"Everybody needs their coffee fix,” says Try Graves.

For those of you who rely on your morning cup of coffee, you could be dipping into your wallet more. Between the drought in Brazil and a fungus called coffee rust it’s causing the price of your favorite brew to spike.

"It was a big scare because coffee is a luxury for everyone. And, if they like to have their coffees everyday when they are going to increase their prices of coffee beans it is a scary factor,” says Dan Pfau the owner of Broadway Bean & Bagel.

But for one Minot mom and pop shop, they won't make their customers pay more despite the shortage.

"We are more of a unique situation at Broadway Bean considering that we roast all of our beans in house. That helps subside the cost of the rising prices,” says Pfau.

By roasting on site, they're not only saving money for their customers, but they're able to control the brewing process.

"It's just nice to know that the product from the green bean all the way to the finish product and what goes into our coffee cup,” says Pfau.

Although you won't have to break the bank at Broadway Bean and Bagel, the increase wouldn't stop most coffee junkies.

"I think people still need their coffee in their day so if they're going to get it, they're going to get it and the price won't affect them,” says Graves.

So, after all it seems like dedicated coffee lovers won't be hitting snooze. They'll be paying a little extra for that next cup of java.

Several big box companies like Starbucks said they're raising their price of coffee next week, but to ease the pain, our local mom and pop shop, Broadway Bean and Bagel plans on opening their drive thru in the next couple of months.

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