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The Right Sunscreen for Clear Skin

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It starts with the right kind of sunscreen.

"Sun block with SPF 25," says nurse practitioner, Kristin Melby.

Nurse practitioners say parents should start applying sunscreen to their children at six months of age so bigger problems don't arise later in life.

"The most damage that we get, which will double our chances of skin cancer, is getting burned before the age of 18," says Melby.

Nurse practitioners say anything that produces oil can clog our pores and trap in dirt. So ladies, if you can, stick to a powder foundation.

"The minerals, or the powders and those makeups like that," says Melby. "They can definitely be less oily than all the foundations that are more of a liquid."

Of course it's impossible to completely avoid oils throughout the day, but when it comes time to wash all that makeup and sunscreen off your face, health professionals say if you want to avoid acne, stick to the basics.

"Less lotion and scrubs," says Melby. "People do a lot of scrubbing to try and make the acne better, but that's not the best avenue. Like I said, Cetaphil, Clean and Clear, anything with benzol peroxide in it will definitely help with acne."

So keep it simple. Wear the right sunscreen, apply light makeup and wash your face on a daily basis. Your body will thank you for it.

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