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Meteorologists Predict El Nino

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Warm weather is finally here, and it might last a little longer than you think.

Weather predictions are calling for a mild winter this year because of El Nino, the abnormal warming of surface ocean waters in the eastern tropical Pacific.

I got everything from skeptical the possibility of a less mild winter to over eager thoughts about being able wearing shorts in the middle of winter.

North Dakota winters, for those who aren't familiar, can be a shock if you're not ready. The negative degrees, wind chills, the heavy amounts of snow can really take a toll on your day to day life.

"Well you stay inside quite a bit. You don't get to see that many people out and about. That's what's so nice about the warm weather," says Matthew Weishan. 

But there's hope! KFYR-TV's Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lawrence says this winter has a great possibility of being warmer and dryer than the year before.

"We are in a pattern that is often warmer and dryer than normal. If we are in a strong El Nino and that appears to be, at least, a favored weather event, that could take place right now," says Lawrence.

El Nino is a weather phenomenon. In particular, affects the United States in different ways. In the North, during the fall/winter months, it'll be warm and dry. While the South could experience more rain.

Maria Klipfel "I think that's going to be really cool. But then again, you get global warming, stuff might get bad. I still think that's pretty cool. Winter isn't always the best thing," says Maria Klipfel.

With the lovely weather now, some are in disbelief and have no intention of sticking around to find a cold change.

"I try to get out of here in the winter time and go to Arizona," says Francis Fritz.

While others stay optimistic and prepared no matter what.

"You need to dress for it. Other than that, you need to carry your winter survival kit," says Allen Schaeffer

The colder seasons are a few months away, so the general consensus is to just enjoy the weather now.

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