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Broad Stripes and Bright Stars: Celebrating Flag Day

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There's a proud history behind the broad stripes and bright stars. 

"This country has had one symbol for over 200 years, and that has always been the United States flag," says Sgt. Matt Walstad. 
Wilstad serves with the national guard specializing in the military funeral honors program.

"The American Flag isn't just a piece of cloth. It's a symbol of the hopes and dreams of an entire people," says Walstad.

His job requires extensive knowledge of The United States Flag Code, which describes the proper way to display and care for the the nation's greatest symbol.

"You should never fly a flag at night, unless it is illuminated," says Walstad. "You should never fly another flag on the same pole as the United States flag. The U.S. flag always flies higher than any other flag it's near and it should never be dipped. A lot of times people don't know when to take flags down."

And with the high winds in North Dakota, it's not hard for an American flag to become tattered. It's important to know what to do with it when your flag starts to show some wear and tear.

"Flags should not be flown if they are tattered. If it becomes tattered you should take time to repair it if it's beyond repair it should be destroyed in a dignified manner," says Walstad. 

Like the flag code there is both meaning and purpose to properly folding a flag in memory of a soldier who has served this country.
"My job is to make sure the flag is folded correctly at veterans funerals. To show honor to the flag and to those veterans is by far the greatest honor I've had in my career," says Walstad. 

Flag day gives Americans the chance to brush up on our flag's history and etiquette which is not only our nation's top symbol but also the inspiration for our national anthem. 
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