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Rage Behind The Wheel

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Whether it’s another driver cutting you off or getting stuck in traffic, there are a lot of things that cause road rage.

With more cars on the road that means that there will probably be more traffic. And, with more traffic that also brings a lot of tense drivers.

"I get agitated and frustrated,” says Vincent Villarreal.

He's not alone. There are many other drivers that experience road rage. And, some are even being called a honkaholic. According to a recent driving study from Safeco Insurance, 39 percent of drivers admit to laying on the horn a bit too long.

Most people that we spoke to today said that they're trying to stay pretty calm behind the wheel. But they still have a couple of pet peeves.

"Not turning on your signal. That just gets to me,” says Villarreal.

"If they cut me off, and, then they go really slow,” says Vronica Lyson.

"They just don't care. Even just making hand gestures or getting angry at you for something that wasn't necessarily you,” says Kimberly Truax.

No matter what the reason is behind the beep, it’s important that the person behind wheel has proper driving etiquette.

"Because there's no point in trying to feed in to their road rage,” says Truax.

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