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Cannon Ball Welcomes President

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Security for any presidential visit is thorough and most North Dakotans have never had the chance to experience it first hand, and that's where everyone who had a ticket to see the president had to wait for hours and go through security.

Waiting to board a bus is usually mundane but all these people couldn't have more excited to be one step closer to the moment they've  been anticipating for over a week.

"I told them that not every kid gets to do this," says Sandra Blackbear.

"Just to come here today, it's a blessing you know on both parts," says Tamara Howard.

You needed a White House ticket to board and people that one knew that standing outside on a cold and windy day a small price to pay to see the president.

"I've been out here for a while waiting so at this point I'm kinda used to it," says Brek Laducer.

"When your're in North Dakota, South Dakota, you're used to this weather, it's nothing we get blizzards, or rain or wind, whatever, heat, we can take it," says Blackbear.

Some of the bus riders weren't spectators they were performers.

"It's such an honor. It's not everyday you get to dance for the president," says Jessie Rencountre.

Weeks of preparation came to a culmination today with President Obama's historic visit.

The president and first lady watched native dancers and also met with school children. The Cannon Ball flag day celebration happens every year, but the 2014 ceremony will be one that many Native Americans will never forget.

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