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Doctors Offer International Traveling Advice

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There are few things more thrilling than venturing off to a faraway place. But travelers, like Luis San Jose, say they always have a game plan before taking off in case illness strikes.

"Usually the US embassy will tell you where they send and where they are in the country that you are going, and where they send patients to," says San Jose.

He also says throwing some of the basics into your carry-on can help with those unforeseen headaches or rashes.

"I pack up a small amount of over-the-counter medicines, like ibuprofen, acetaminophen-that's Tylenol, Aleve, some antihistamines, and usually I pack up Pepto Bismol," says San Jose.

Doctors say it's also important to be extremely familiar with your medications, and any prior conditions you may have had, because the physicians who treat you will need to know your medical history.

"If you do run into an issue and you have medical care done somewhere else, try to get records of them and bring them back with you here so that your doctor will know exactly what you had done and any follow-up you might need regarding it," says Sanford Health Doctor, Joshua Knudson.

And even though it may seem like a useless add-on, travel agents say getting that trip insurance could save you an arm and a leg...literally.

"Just being in a hospital. Sometimes if the foreign hospital or the doctors will not accept payment from you," says travel agent, Cheryl Fenster. "This company will take over and they will help the passenger out in order to get things taken care of so they are treated and can continue on."

For the most part, international travel has become fairly safe, but it's important to always be prepared when you do it...just in case something goes wrong.

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