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Williston Park Board Makes Public Apology

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After falling under some scrutiny this past month, the Williston Park Board met this morning and passed a motion to have legal counsel present at all future meetings. The board has faced some criticism after the unauthorized suspension of Executive Director Darin Kruger on April 15. Park Board President Joel Wilt read their public apology.

“Errors in communication between all board members led to action being taken without full board approval. We have reported these actions to the North Dakota Attorney General’s office, and provided the tapes and information on those meetings. We regret that these errors may detract from the accomplishments of Mr. Krueger and his staff in getting the WARC completed. The board recognizes the incredible effort and dedication of the district director and staff,” says Wilt.

For some people, this apology was too little too late.

“The board has had ample time to make an apology to the community, to the staff and to Mr. Krueger, and it hasn’t been done. They attempted this morning to give a public apology, but again, nothing to Mr. Kruger and nothing to the staff for what they've done," says former Williston Park Board President Larry Grondahl.

“The board issued their public apology which, on one hand, apologized for breaking the law, but I think it lacked emphasis for something that is equally important. It made very little mention of the distraction this caused the employees of the park district and the effect it has had on the morale of staff, overall,” says park board candidate Zac Fleck.

Grondahl has a strong opinion of how this issue should be handled.

“For the entire good of the community, to be honest with you, two board members really need to resign. If they truly had the best interest of the park district in their hearts and for the community, they would step down. Because right now, all trust with staff, all trust with the general public is pretty much gone," says Grondahl.

Many are disappointed with the shadow this controversy has cast over the new Recreation Center.

“People are upset because this should've been a crowning achievement for Williston. That’s the way they want this achievement to be viewed. We've got one of the top three nicest Recreation Centers in the nation and instead, it has become this distraction,” says Fleck.

Calls made to all five park board members were not immediately returned.

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