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Perkins Competes For Top Three Spot

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In case you haven't heard, Scranton native Kat Perkins has been appearing on "The VOICE!."

"Talking about the last couple of weeks you saved not once, but twice by the twitter save, how surprised were you to find yourself in that situation twice?" says J.R. Havens of KFYR TV.

"I really wasn't surprised. I've been preparing for that this whole time we've been shooting "The VOICE!" since the new year. So, I really prepared myself for any scenario. And to be honest it was really fun to sing another song," says Perkins.

"Alright Kat, how bout the show tonight? The competition has been tough. What do you need to do to keep on moving through the show?" says Havens. 

Just to stay consistent, work really hard, now that song inside and out and do the best I can on my time on stage," says Perkins.

"Now, you're a nanny by day, a rocker by night, how has this show solidified your musical career?" says Havens.

"It will be a lot easier for me to jump back into the industry full time, and what a resume builder right? This is the biggest thing to come out on there. I'm really excited to come home to my fans, whenever that maybe, and record another record, and tour and reach out and perform for everybody like I used to do," says Perkins.

"Speaking of those fans, you have a lot of support in the Twin Cities area and back here in North Dakota where you grew up. How nice is it to have that support?" says Havens.

"I honestly could never do something like this with out the support of North Dakota and Minnesota and all the fans. It's the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It's full of pressure and nerves and it's something that I could not do without that support," says Perkins.

"Kat, it's been a lot of fun following you on this journey through the show, and best of luck tonight and the rest of the way," says Havens.

"Thank you so much!" says Perkins.
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