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New Studies On Benefits Of Yoga

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It's no surprise that practicing yoga serves the body well, but new studies have proof of what these poses are actually improving.

"It helps with my strength, flexibility and more than anything it doesn't feel like it's a workout. It is a good workout, but it's more for my mental and flexibility. It brings some calmness into my life,” says Carly Crosland a yoga student.

For those fitness buffs out there, you may have heard how practicing yoga is great for your overall health. But do you know what you're actually improving?

Well, according to research completed by three universities, they say the proof is in the pose.

"So often, we stay in the same position or sit in the same position. But, in yoga you're opening up your body, you're doing folds, massaging your internal organs; just doing things that you don't normally do,” says YMCA yoga instructor Jenny Jacobs. 

Yoga teaches you to focus on your breathing. The key is to find your center and shut everything else out.

"I think that’s the biggest benefit is to just give yourself some alone time. And, to do something just for you,” says Crosland.

Crosland has been a dedicated yogi for the past two years. And, she says she's has seen an improvement in overall lifestyle.

"I feel like my stress level is down. From day to day, from chasing my kids around, helping people move, it’s been awesome. I would recommend yoga to anyone,” says Crosland.

Just giving yourself a little time can go along way. Studies found that yoga improves balance as we age, can reduce the fear of falling and can help regulate blood pressure.

"I think it really grounds you. It helps you be calm, it helps you be in that still quiet moment that we often don't have now with phones with us all the time, the TV always on, the radio playing. It just gives you that time to get out of the world to be still and be quiet,” says Jacobs.

So, whether you're 25 or 85 grab a mat and start breathing because the benefits are endless.

Experts say yoga is also known to improve certain aspects of cardiovascular health.

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