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Off the Beaten Path: Green Farmer

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Greg Bailey is a true blue green farmer. He started recycling long before the environmental movement went global.
His ranch is a collection of discarded lumber, metal and other materials converted into  functional farming uses.

"The one feed trough is made from soffits we cut off the Century Baptist Church," says Bailey. 

The wooden sign that once hung over the entrance to the Lutheran House of Prayer is another example of Greg's green gospel of never letting anything go to waste. He attached the billboard to another feed trough when it needed to be repaired.
When Greg isn't tending to his cows, he works construction, so this frugal farmer has access to plenty of salvage material.
"The block gate came from the Burleigh County Jail when we remodeled that in 1990," says Bailey. 
His fences are also recycled.
"All of the corral material came from the roof of Simle Junior High," says Bailey. 
Greg's biggest reclamation project sticks out like a "green" thumb. When Bismarck High School was remodeled, Greg found a new use for all the chalkboards in the building.

"They were going to go to the landfill and we took them and and I saved them, brought them home and put them on the barn," says Bailey. 

A barn built with over 60 chalkboards makes a pretty pronounced siding statement.  
"Oh yeah, you can see it," says Bailey. 
The green erasable slates provide shelter for newborn calves in winter, storage in the summer, and Greg thought they might also make handy memo pads.

"We wrote the pedigree of all our cattle on the barn," says Bailey. 

Greg quickly found out his salvage material failed the retention test.

"The wind and rain took it off in a few days," says Bailey. 

But he has learned chalkboards get high marks for keeping cattle warm.
"One time it was really cold, it was 20-below that night, so I put about six cows in here and in the morning it was like 10-12 degrees," says Bailey. 
Greg knows his conservation efforts won't reduce global warming, but the extreme effort he puts into recycling does send a message others can learn from.
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