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Farley's Market Offers Costco Product Delivery

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A brand new business in Williston is helping people buy Costco products. This new business is Farley's Market, and today was the first day of operation.

Farley's Market was started to help customers enjoy Costco products even if there isn't one nearby. When the company first came to town a couple weeks ago, it hit a major road block.

“The town is concerned of the volume of our traffic will be such that it would be cumbersome at best," says John Livermore of Farley's Market. “Even though, we're down here on the truck route, which is kind of out of the way, they're concerned about the volume of traffic.”

The company right now is located at Conlin's Warehouse. The warehouse is where they get the products packaged together so they can deliver to the customer.

Despite the location, Williston residents seem to be welcoming the business.

“I'm excited about it because we always have to drive down to Billings to get our stuff from Costco," says Williston resident Jennifer Naea.  “It will be nice to just pay the $20 to come up here, instead of paying the gas to go down.”

First time customers can buy Costco items by typing in www.farleysmarket.com, they then can click on the area they live, pick what they want and then pay for them online. Farley's Market will deliver it to you from there.

“We've looked at properties all over the area, some to rent and some to purchase.We're anticipating a 30,000 to 40,000 square foot warehouse," says Livermore.

The products come from the Billings Costco.

Livermore added they haven't decided how far outside of Williston they will deliver, but they will decide after they receive more business.

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