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One-Third Of Adults Haven't Seen A Dentist In A Year

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People see our teeth every day. But, how often do we show them to the dentist?

According to a new Gallup Well-Being poll, one-third of adults in the U.S. haven’t visited their dentist in the past year.

“With not being seen at the dentist for more than a year or so, that tartar or plaque where the bacteria lives get underneath the gum tissue and really causes a lot of problems with the bone,” says Dr. Bethany Jensen a dentist at Broadway Family Dentistry.

The average person should go for a regular dental exam every six months. If you’re one of those people putting off the dentist chair, you’re facing the risk of losing much more than a pearly white smile.

Jensen says that gum disease can act very quickly, and people can lose teeth in a matter of years.

It’s not only cavities and gum tissue that your dentist will be looking at. A lot of doctors are also checking for oral cancer.

Poor oral health may also be linked to both heart disease and stroke when combined with other risk factors, possibly due to dislodged oral bacteria entering into the bloodstream.

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