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Leith Residents React To Judge's Decision

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A white separatist accused of trying to take over the small city of Leith is now on probation after a South Central District Judge accepted his plea deal this morning.

For eight months, Leith has been in the center of an international media spotlight, but even though Craig Cobb can't go back, residents say this situation isn't over.

It was a deal that most of the victims agreed to, but not everyone was happy with the judge's decision.

"How can you say that this individual should be roaming the streets? I mean it's crazy. There is no justice here," says Leith resident Lee Cook.

South Central District Judge David Reich sentenced Craig Cobb to four-years supervised probation on five counts of misdemeanor menacing and one of felony terrorizing.

"I accept responsibility for my actions. It was an unfortunate confluence of circumstances and bad decisions on my part," says Cobb.

"I have to look at what the law allows, what's appropriate with the facts of this case and what the likely outcomes were. And this is the likely outcome.," says State's Attorney Todd Schwarz.

Schwarz says he sympathizes with the victims who are unhappy with the deal, but he thinks this was the right decision.

"They need to look at the whole circumstances. A majority of the victims are very happy with this," says Schwarz.

But those who aren't happy are speaking out.

Ryan: "There was no justice served in my opinion. Like I said in there, I'm glad it's over with, I don't have to do this next week or two months or three months, but there's no closure to it," says Leith Mayor Ryan Schock.

And some of Cobb's supporters still own property in the city.

"My opinion, Leith was the safest place on the planet to live. That's why the Cook's came and moved there. I feel like I've lied to the guy now because I helped him get moved into Leith. You let your kids go out and play, ride bikes, ride horses, whatever they want to do. You gotta watch them 24/7," says Schock.

Cobb can't return to the city or be near any of the victims in the case. Residents say they're still nervous about the future.

The mayor says he isn't sure what their next move is, but whatever they do, residents say Cobb's actions will affect Leith for years to come.

Cobb says he's trying to get his probation transferred to Missouri so he can take care of his mother.
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