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Monster Spray Makes Bed-Time Less Scary

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The energy boom in North Dakota is international news. Now, another really big story has surfaced in the middle of oil country.

This discovery isn't creating thousands of jobs, or producing billions of dollars worth of fossil fuels, but a lot of moms think it's worth more than all the tea in China.

A solution to a problem many parents have been losing sleep over for ages, was created in this little pharmacy in Watford City, N.D. We're not talking about a cure for cancer or diabetes here, but this ailment does haunt thousands of kids.

"It's a very real fear to children, so it's heart warming to do something so small that makes a huge difference," says Josslyn Dodds of Barrett Pharmacy.  

Heather Wisness's son is too young to have nightmares, but if he ever does, she knows the remedy for anxiety caused by things that go bump in the night. It is stored on a shelf, out of the reach of children, in Barrett's Drugstore, right next to the bobble head of a pharmacist Jeff Dodds.

"If it takes care of monster's, we'll do it," says Wisness.

The elixir that chases away the common colossus sighting doesn't come in a pill or a cream, but dispensed in a plastic bottle. Austin Johnson has mixed up many orders of Monster Spray. Each prescription comes with a set of instructions printed on an authentic pharmaceutical label.

"You just spray around the room before bed, repeat if necessary," says Johnson. 

"It works, it does wonders. Apparently, it gets rid of those monsters under your bed," says Josslyn Dodds.

Josslyn Dodds and her father formulated monster spray six years ago, but the past few months they've been flooded with requests for the remedy. 

"We've sent a few bottles to Brooklyn, New York City and some to Fargo," says Jeff.

The surge in sales of Monster Spray can be traced directly to Maddie Greenhaw. Her Mother went to Barrett Pharmacy seeking a remedy for her daughter's restless nights.

"She would wake up at night afraid of monsters under her bed," says Kelsey Greenhaw of Watford City.

After just one squirt produced a cure, Kelsey Greenhaw shared the miraculous results on Facebook to help other parents who are dealing with the same problem.

"Last I heard, it had 800,000 likes and shares on Facebook," says Josslyn.

Now, when Maddie runs into her room she has no fear because a bottle of Monster Spray repels the demons that once lurked in the shadows. Monster Spray is allowing both Maddie and her mom to get plenty of rest.

Thanks to the internet and a couple of caring and creative pharmacists, lots of other kids and parents are finally getting a good nights sleep. Maddie has unlimited refills, and her mom says Monster Spray has no harmful ingredients or chemicals.

"My Monster Spray keeps me safe. It keeps me safe when I sleep," says Maddie. 

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