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Female Sheriff Improves Department

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There are only two female sheriffs in North Dakota, and one of those is on the edge of oil country. For Hettinger County Sheriff Sarah Warner, the biggest challenge isn't being a woman in law enforcement, it's keeping up with the oil boom by making sure she has new equipment and enough deputies.

If you think being a sheriff is a man's job, think again.
Warner has been the Hettinger County Sheriff for nearly four years. She is working her way up from the department's administrative assistant.
"I think that it's more accepting now in this time and age. Women are more in a man's field than they used to be," says Warner. 
And she's proving she can hold her own in the male-dominated world of law enforcement. She's managed to bring in new equipment, better computers and more deputies.
"My other goal is to try to keep deputies on here longer, a longer tenure, so we can have a strong department that the community can look up to," she says. 
And deputies say they love working under Warner's leadership.
Chris: "Well since I've been here, in my short time, she's guided me along the way every step of the way. Pretty much from day one to where I'm at now, and I wouldn't take anything back from it at all. I enjoy it," says Chris Hardison of the sheriff's department. 
But Warner says sometimes the long hours can be hard for a mother of two. 
"There are times when I do miss the basketball game, or I miss a concert or something like that because I'm called out. But, they know that mom's doing a job, or she's on a call and she'll be home," says Warner. 
And her family says they support her 100 percent.

"It makes me feel proud of her to see how she's grown from starting out as administrative assistant and moving on up to a deputy and then into sheriff," says Warner's husband Corey.  
Warner says she hopes to add another deputy to her staff in the near future. 
Warner says being a female sheriff can be beneficial because some victims, like abused women or children, feel more comfortable talking to her. She also says being a younger person on the job has helped her keep the department updated with the best technology.
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