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Bullock Announces Oil Aid

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Today, Montana Governor, Steve Bullock, stopped by Culbertson to announce a $45 million  aid package for Eastern Montana communities impacted by oil development in the Bakken area.

Governor Bullock says this aid package, designed to ensure efficient and reliable infrastructure, is an attempt to stop problems before they become serious.

"The ultimate goal is to really do all we can for our communities, so that we are not like Williston, or other places that are after the fact, trying to chase and fix problems by throwing money at it. But really, the more we can do upfront to address the infrastructure needs, the better the long term growth will be for our state," says Bullock.  

While grateful an effort is being made, some Montana residents are worried that this aid package won't be enough to address the potential problems headed their way.

"It is a start, but I really don't think that anybody behind the aid package knows the true impact of what could happen. I don't believe it is enough. Although, it's a good start, that's great," says Allen Bowker a Montana resident just outside of Culbertson.

Bowker believes Montana officials need to look to North Dakota cities who have already felt the effect of the oil boom. 

"Basically, everything can be fixed with time and money. We need money. And we need to get with the people of North Dakota. They're going through this right now, and we need to learn from what they're doing. Maybe it is being done right now, but I don't think it is being taken seriously enough. I don't want to move away from here, but if we run into a train wreck like Williston is right now, I'd move," says Bowker.

Bullock stressed that he is committed to helping impacted communities deal with infrastructure challenges they may face.

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