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Tech Talk: Google Glass

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A pair of glasses is changing the way people interact with the world around them. Google Glass was launched last year. And now, the product is in the hands of a few lucky "explorers."

"Ok, Glass. Take a picture."

It's the latest innovation in wearable technology.

"Basically, it's a computer that you're wearing on your face, right? It has a processor. It has memory. It has a screen. It has a camera. So, it has all the things, basically, that your iPhone has or your tablet has, but it allows you to access that information hands free," says NISC CEO Vern Dosch.

Developers at the National Innovations Solutions Cooperative are looking for ways Google Glass can benefit their clients.

"One of the things we are working on is to work with our members who need mobile tools and maybe hands off tools. And working with them to determine what products can we build that are practical on these glasses that they can use in the field that makes their life easier," says Software Development manager Louie Weigel.

Up until recently, Google Glass was only available to software developers and industry insiders. But now, consumers are getting their hands on the product through Google's Explorer program.

"I've been using it to listen to music while I work out, taking some pictures, getting directions, some things that would kind of improve my daily life," says Jacob Bailiff.

The lightweight glasses can be used anywhere there is a wifi connection or by pairing it with your phone. Several apps are already available for the device and many more are in development.

"I very much think that this is a part of our future for a lot of people. Rather than carrying a tablet or carrying a phone, they're going to be wearing Google Glass," says Dosch.

Right now, Google Glass sells for $1500.

But everyone I spoke with agreed there is room for improvement.

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