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Williston College Raises Tuition

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Williston State College has decided to make a big change that could hit students where it hurts in the upcoming year.

The college has decided to raise tuition.

"The state board of higher education has a lot of say in what goes on with that as well as individual campuses," says Kayla McKeil, Williston State College. "Students even have a say in decisions. Not that students necessarily vote for raising tuition though. A lot of different decision makers are involved in that."

McKeil says tuition will be raised about seven point one percent. This means it will go from about a $100 a credit to $107.

"Tuition collection goes towards the operating of the institution that would go to general funds, payment for salaries of faculty and staff," says McKeil. "Just different items."

The school hasn't raised tuition in five-years. They try to make it more standardized, and on par with other junior colleges.

"It will put a little bit more stress on the college students here," says sophomore Alice Trotteier. "It might be nicer if we get more classes options."

Trotteier is graduating in May, but sees how the price jump could change things for students not from the area.

"It wouldn't affect me to greatly since I'm from the area," says Trotteier. "So, I wouldn't have to worry about out of state tuition fees or anything like that. There's a lot of scholarships around here for people who live here. Certainly people from out of state have to think about those types of things."

Trotteier also says if the tuition is raised, she would like to see her money help make the college experience more enjoyable with better classes and more clubs and activities.

McKeil says tuition prices will be raised starting this fall.


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